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Statically check Python scripts for compliance with Python docstring conventions. More information:

  • Analyze a Python script or all the Python scripts in a specific directory:

pydocstyle {{|path/to/directory}}

  • Show an [e]xplanation of each error:

pydocstyle {{-e|--explain}} {{|path/to/directory}}

  • Show [d]ebug information:

pydocstyle {{-d|--debug}} {{|path/to/directory}}

  • Display the total number of errors:

pydocstyle --count {{|path/to/directory}}

  • Use a specific configuration file:

pydocstyle --config {{path/to/config_file}} {{|path/to/directory}}

  • Ignore one or more errors:

pydocstyle --ignore {{D101,D2,D107,...}} {{|path/to/directory}}

  • Check for errors from a specific convention:

pydocstyle --convention {{pep257|numpy|google}} {{|path/to/directory}}