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Create and manipulate Quick Emulator Virtual HDD images. More information:

  • Create disk image with a specific size (in gigabytes):

qemu-img create {{image_name.img}} {{gigabytes}}G

  • Show information about a disk image:

qemu-img info {{image_name.img}}

  • Increase or decrease image size:

qemu-img resize {{image_name.img}} {{gigabytes}}G

  • Dump the allocation state of every sector of the specified disk image:

qemu-img map {{image_name.img}}

  • Convert a VMware .vmdk disk image to a KVM .qcow2 disk image:

qemu-img convert -f {{vmdk}} -O {{qcow2}} {{path/to/file/foo.vmdk}} {{path/to/file/foo.qcow2}}