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An open-source scientific and technical publishing system built on Pandoc. More information:

  • Create a new project:

quarto create-project {{path/to/destination_directory}} --type {{book|default|website}}

  • Create a new blog website:

quarto create-project {{path/to/destination_directory}} --type {{website}} --template {{blog}}

  • Render input file(s) to different formats:

quarto render {{path/to/file.{{qmd|rmd|ipynb}}}} --to {{html|pdf|docx}}

  • Render and preview a document or a website:

quarto preview {{path/to/destination_directory|path/to/file}}

  • Publish a document or project to Quarto Pub, Github Pages, RStudio Connect or Netlify:

quarto publish {{quarto-pub|gh-pages|connect|netlify}}