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The RAR archiver. Supports multi-volume archives that can be optionally self-extracting. More information:

  • Archive 1 or more files:

rar a {{path/to/archive_name.rar}} {{path/to/file1}} {{path/to/file2}} {{path/to/file3}}

  • Archive a directory:

rar a {{path/to/archive_name.rar}} {{path/to/directory}}

  • Split the archive into parts of equal size (50M):

rar a -v{{50M}} -R {{path/to/archive_name.rar}} {{path/to/file_or_directory}}

  • Password protect the resulting archive:

rar a -p{{password}} {{path/to/archive_name.rar}} {{path/to/file_or_directory}}

  • Encrypt file data and headers with password:

rar a -hp{{password}} {{path/to/archive_name.rar}} {{path/to/file_or_directory}}

  • Use a specific compression level (0-5):

rar a -m{{compression_level}} {{path/to/archive_name.rar}} {{path/to/file_or_directory}}