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Copy, synchronize or move files and directories to and from many cloud services. More information:

  • Launch an interactive menu to setup rclone:

rclone config

  • List contents of a directory on an rclone remote:

rclone lsf {{remote_name}}:{{path/to/directory}}

  • Copy a file or directory from the local machine to the remote destination:

rclone copy {{path/to/source_file_or_directory}} {{remote_name}}:{{path/to/directory}}

  • Copy files changed within the past 24 hours to a remote from the local machine, asking the user to confirm each file:

rclone copy --interactive --max-age 24h {{remote_name}}:{{path/to/directory}} {{path/to/local_directory}}

  • Mirror a specific file or directory (Note: Unlike copy, sync removes files from the remote if it does not exist locally):

rclone sync {{path/to/file_or_directory}} {{remote_name}}:{{path/to/directory}}

  • Delete a remote file or directory (Note: --dry-run means test, remove it from the command to actually delete):

rclone --dry-run delete {{remote_name}}:{{path/to/file_or_directory}}

  • Mount rclone remote (experimental):

rclone mount {{remote_name}}:{{path/to/directory}} {{path/to/mount_point}}

  • Unmount rclone remote if CTRL-C fails (experimental):

fusermount -u {{path/to/mount_point}}