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A fast, secure and secure backup program. More information:

  • Initialize a backup repository in the specified local directory:

restic init --repo {{path/to/repository}}

  • Backup a directory to the repository:

restic --repo {{path/to/repository}} backup {{path/to/directory}}

  • Show backup snapshots currently stored in the repository:

restic --repo {{path/to/repository}} snapshots

  • Restore a specific backup snapshot to a target directory:

restic --repo {{path/to/repository}} restore {{latest|snapshot_id}} --target {{path/to/target}}

  • Restore a specific path from a specific backup to a target directory:

restic --repo {{path/to/repository}} restore {{snapshot_id}} --target {{path/to/target}} --include {{path/to/restore}}

  • Clean up the repository and keep only the most recent snapshot of each unique backup:

restic forget --keep-last 1 --prune