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Ripgrep is a recursive line-oriented search tool. Aims to be a faster alternative to grep. More information:

  • Recursively search the current directory for a regular expression:

rg {{regular_expression}}

  • Search for regular expressions recursively in the current directory, including hidden files and files listed in .gitignore:

rg --no-ignore --hidden {{regular_expression}}

  • Search for a regular expression only in a subset of directories:

rg {{regular_expression}} {{set_of_subdirs}}

  • Search for a regular expression in files matching a glob (e.g. README.*):

rg {{regular_expression}} --glob {{glob}}

  • Search for filenames that match a regular expression:

rg --files | rg {{regular_expression}}

  • Only list matched files (useful when piping to other commands):

rg --files-with-matches {{regular_expression}}

  • Show lines that do not match the given regular expression:

rg --invert-match {{regular_expression}}

  • Search a literal string pattern:

rg --fixed-strings -- {{string}}