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An automated code review tool that uses GPT you can use straight from your terminal. More information:

  • Ask GPT to improve the code with no extra options:

rgpt --i "$(git diff {{path/to/file}})"

  • Get a more detailed verbose output from rgpt while reviewing the code:

rgpt --v --i "$(git diff {{path/to/file}})"

  • Ask GPT to improve the code and limit it to a certain amount of GPT3 tokens:

rgpt --max {{300}} --i "$(git diff {{path/to/file}})"

  • Ask GPT for a more unique result using a float value between 0 and 2. (higher = more unique):

rgpt --pres {{1.2}} --i "$(git diff {{path/to/file}})"

  • Ask GPT to review your code using a specific model:

rgpt --model {{davinci}} --i "$(git diff {{path/to/file}})"

  • Make rgpt use a JSON output:

rgpt --json --i "$(git diff {{path/to/file}})"