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Calculate or check common message digests. More information:

  • Calculate default CRC32 digests of a file:

rhash {{path/to/file}}

  • Recursively process a directory to generate an SFV file using SHA1:

rhash --sha1 --recursive {{path/to/folder}} > {{path/to/output.sfv}}

  • Verify the integrity of files based on an SFV file:

rhash --check {{path/to/file.sfv}}

  • Calculate the SHA3 digest of a text message:

rhash --sha3-256 --message '{{message}}'

  • Calculate CRC32 digest of a file and output digest encoded in base64 using BSD format:

rhash --base64 --bsd {{path/to/file}}

  • Use custom output template:

rhash --printf '{{%p\t%s\t%{mtime}\t%m\n}}' {{path/to/file}}