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A toolbox for fancy output in the terminal. More information:

  • Display a file with syntax highlighting:

rich {{path/to/}}

  • Add line numbers, and indentation guides:

rich {{path/to/}} --line-number --guides

  • Apply a theme:

rich {{path/to/}} --theme {{monokai}}

  • Display a file in an interactive pager:

rich {{path/to/}} --pager

  • Display contents from a URL:

rich {{}} --markdown --pager

  • Export a file as HTML:

rich {{path/to/}} --export-html {{path/to/file.html}}

  • Display text with formatting tags, custom alignment, and line width:

rich --print {{"Hello [green on black]Stylized[/green on black] [bold]World[/bold]"}} --{{left|center|right}} --width {{10}}