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Remove files or directories by sending them to the graveyard, allowing for them to be recovered. More information:

  • Remove files or directories from specified locations and place them in the graveyard:

rip {{path/to/file_or_directory}} {{path/to/another/file_or_directory}}

  • Interactively remove files or directories, with a prompt before every removal:

rip --inspect {{path/to/file_or_directory}} {{path/to/another/file_or_directory}}

  • List all files and directories in the graveyard that were originally within the current directory:

rip --seance

  • Permanently delete every file and directory in the graveyard:

rip --decompose

  • Put back the files and directories which were affected by the most recent removal:

rip --unbury

  • Put back every file and directory that is listed by rip --seance:

rip --seance --unbury