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Transfer files either to or from a remote host (not between two remote hosts). Can transfer single files, or multiple files matching a pattern.

  • Transfer file from local to remote host:

rsync {{path/to/local_file}} {{remote_host}}:{{path/to/remote_directory}}

  • Transfer file from remote host to local:

rsync {{remote_host}}:{{path/to/remote_file}} {{path/to/local_directory}}

  • Transfer file in [a]rchive (to preserve attributes) and compressed ([z]ipped) mode with [v]erbose and [h]uman-readable [P]rogress:

rsync -azvhP {{path/to/local_file}} {{remote_host}}:{{path/to/remote_directory}}

  • Transfer a directory and all its children from a remote to local:

rsync -r {{remote_host}}:{{path/to/remote_directory}} {{path/to/local_directory}}

  • Transfer directory contents (but not the directory itself) from a remote to local:

rsync -r {{remote_host}}:{{path/to/remote_directory}}/ {{path/to/local_directory}}

  • Transfer a directory [r]ecursively, in [a]rchive to preserve attributes, resolving contained soft[l]inks , and ignoring already transferred files [u]nless newer:

rsync -rauL {{remote_host}}:{{path/to/remote_file}} {{path/to/local_directory}}

  • Transfer file over SSH and delete local files that do not exist on remote host:

rsync -e ssh --delete {{remote_host}}:{{path/to/remote_file}} {{path/to/local_file}}

  • Transfer file over SSH using a different port than the default and show global progress:

rsync -e 'ssh -p {{port}}' --info=progress2 {{remote_host}}:{{path/to/remote_file}} {{path/to/local_file}}