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Transfer files either to or from a remote host (but not between two remote hosts), by default using SSH. To specify a remote path, use user@host:path/to/file_or_directory. More information:

  • Transfer a file:

rsync {{path/to/source}} {{path/to/destination}}

  • Use archive mode (recursively copy directories, copy symlinks without resolving, and preserve permissions, ownership and modification times):

rsync --archive {{path/to/source}} {{path/to/destination}}

  • Compress the data as it is sent to the destination, display verbose and human-readable progress, and keep partially transferred files if interrupted:

rsync --compress --verbose --human-readable --partial --progress {{path/to/source}} {{path/to/destination}}

  • Recursively copy directories:

rsync --recursive {{path/to/source}} {{path/to/destination}}

  • Transfer directory contents, but not the directory itself:

rsync --recursive {{path/to/source}}/ {{path/to/destination}}

  • Use archive mode, resolve symlinks and skip files that are newer on the destination:

rsync --archive --update --copy-links {{path/to/source}} {{path/to/destination}}

  • Transfer a directory from a remote host running rsyncd and delete files on the destination that do not exist on the source:

rsync --recursive --delete rsync://{{host}}:{{path/to/source}} {{path/to/destination}}

  • Transfer a file over SSH using a different port than the default (22) and show global progress:

rsync --rsh 'ssh -p {{port}}' --info=progress2 {{host}}:{{path/to/source}} {{path/to/destination}}