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ruff check

An extremely fast Python linter. check is the default command - it can be omitted everywhere. If no files or directories are specified, the current working directory is used by default. More information:

  • Run the linter on the given files or directories:

ruff check {{path/to/file_or_directory1 path/to/file_or_directory2 ...}}

  • Apply the suggested fixes, modifying the files in-place:

ruff check --fix

  • Run the linter and re-lint on change:

ruff check --watch

  • Only enable the specified rules (or all rules), ignoring the configuration file:

ruff check --select {{ALL|rule_code1,rule_code2,...}}

  • Additionally enable the specified rules:

ruff check --extend-select {{rule_code1,rule_code2,...}}

  • Disable the specified rules:

ruff check --ignore {{rule_code1,rule_code2,...}}

  • Ignore all existing violations of a rule by adding # noqa directives to all lines that violate it:

ruff check --select {{rule_code}} --add-noqa