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Fast Port Scanner written in Rust with nmap built in. More information:

  • Scan all ports of one or more comma-delimited [a]ddresses using the default values:

rustscan --addresses {{ip_or_hostname}}

  • Scan the [t]op 1000 ports with service and version detection:

rustscan --top --addresses {{address_or_addresses}}

  • Scan a specific list of [p]orts:

rustscan --ports {{port1,port2,...,portN}} --addresses {{address_or_addresses}}

  • Scan a specific range of ports:

rustscan --range {{start-end}} --addresses {{address_or_addresses}}

  • Add script arguments to nmap:

rustscan --addresses {{address_or_addresses}} -- -A -sC

  • Scan with custom [b]atch size (default: 4500) and [t]imeout (default: 1500ms):

rustscan --batch-size {{batch_size}} --timeout {{timeout}} --addresses {{address_or_addresses}}

  • Scan with specific port order:

rustscan --scan-order {{serial|random}} --addresses {{address_or_addresses}}

  • Scan in greppable mode (only output of the ports, no nmap):

rustscan --greppable --addresses {{address_or_addresses}}