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Display and control your Android device on a desktop. More information:

  • Display a mirror of a connected device:


  • Display a mirror of a specific device based on its ID or IP address (find it under the adb devices command):

scrcpy --serial {{0123456789abcdef|}}

  • Start display in fullscreen mode:

scrcpy --fullscreen

  • Rotate the display screen. Each incremental value adds a 90 degree counterclockwise rotation:

scrcpy --rotation {{0|1|2|3}}

  • Show touches on physical device:

scrcpy --show-touches

  • Record display screen:

scrcpy --record {{path/to/file.mp4}}

  • Specify the target directory for pushing files to device by drag and drop (non-APK):

scrcpy --push-target {{path/to/directory}}