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Searchsploit searches exploit database's database for exploits, shellcodes and/or papers. If known version numbers are used as search terms, exploits for both the exact version and others whose version range covers the one specified are shown. More information:

  • Search for an exploit, shellcode, or paper:

searchsploit {{search_terms}}

  • Search for a known specific version, e.g. sudo version 1.8.27:

searchsploit sudo 1.8.27

  • Show the exploit-db link to the found resources:

searchsploit --www {{search_terms}}

  • Make a copy of the resource to the current directory (requires the number of the exploit):

searchsploit --mirror {{exploit_number}}

  • Open the resource to read with the pager defined in the $PAGER environment variable:

searchsploit --explore {{exploit_number}}

  • Update the local exploit database:

searchsploit --update