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Secure File Transfer Program. Interactive program to copy files between hosts over SSH. For non-interactive file transfers, see scp or rsync. More information:

  • Connect to a remote server and enter an interactive command mode:

sftp {{remote_user}}@{{remote_host}}

  • Connect using an alternate port:

sftp -P {{remote_port}} {{remote_user}}@{{remote_host}}

  • Connect using a predefined host (in ~/.ssh/config):

sftp {{host}}

  • Transfer remote file to the local system:

get {{/path/remote_file}}

  • Transfer local file to the remote system:

put {{/path/local_file}}

  • Transfer remote directory to the local system recursively (works with put too):

get -R {{/path/remote_directory}}

  • Get list of files on local machine:


  • Get list of files on remote machine: