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Container image management toolbox. Provides various utility commands to manage remote container images. More information:

  • Inspect a remote image from a registry:

skopeo inspect docker://{{registry_hostname}}/{{image:tag}}

  • List available tags for a remote image:

skopeo list-tags docker://{{registry_hostname}}/{{image}}

  • Download an image from a registry:

skopeo copy docker://{{registry_hostname}}/{{image:tag}} dir:{{path/to/directory}}

  • Copy an image from one registry to another:

skopeo copy docker://{{source_registry}}/{{image:tag}} docker://{{destination_registry}}/{{image:tag}}

  • Delete an image from a registry:

skopeo delete docker://{{registry_hostname}}/{{image:tag}}

  • Log in to a registry:

skopeo login --username {{username}} {{registry_hostname}}