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Allow users to enumerate samba share drives across an entire domain. More information:

  • Enumerate hosts with NULL sessions enabled and open shares:

smbmap --host-file {{path/to/file}}

  • Enumerate hosts and check SMB file permissions:

smbmap --host-file {{path/to/file}} -u {{username}} -p {{password}} -q

  • Connect to an ip or hostname through smb using a username and password:

smbmap -u {{username}} -p {{password}} -d {{domain}} -H {{ip_or_hostname}}

  • Locate and download files [R]ecursively up to N levels depth, searching for filename pattern (regex), and excluding certain shares:

smbmap --host-file {{path/to/file}} -u {{username}} -p {{password}} -q -R --depth {{number}} --exclude {{sharename}} -A {{filepattern}}

  • Upload file through smb using username and password:

smbmap -u {{username}} -p {{password}} -d {{domain}} -H {{ip_or_hostname}} --upload {{path/to/file}} '{{/share_name/remote_filename}}'