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SOPS (Secrets OPerationS): manage secrets. More information:

  • Encrypt a file:

sops -e {{path/to/myfile.json}} > {{path/to/myfile.enc.json}}

  • Decrypt a file to stdout:

sops -d {{path/to/myfile.enc.json}}

  • Rotate data keys for a sops file:

sops -r {{path/to/myfile.enc.yaml}}

  • Change the extension of the file once encrypted:

sops -d --input-type json {{path/to/myfile.enc.json}}

  • Extract keys by naming them, and array elements by numbering them:

sops -d --extract '["an_array"][1]' {{path/to/myfile.enc.json}}

  • Show the difference between two sops files:

diff <(sops -d {{path/to/secret1.enc.yaml}}) <(sops -d {{path/to/secret2.enc.yaml}})