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Sound eXchange: play, record and convert audio files. Audio formats are identified by the extension. More information:

  • Merge two audio files into one:

sox -m {{path/to/input_audio1}} {{path/to/input_audio2}} {{path/to/output_audio}}

  • Trim an audio file to the specified times:

sox {{path/to/input_audio}} {{path/to/output_audio}} trim {{start}} {{duration}}

  • Normalize an audio file (adjust volume to the maximum peak level, without clipping):

sox --norm {{path/to/input_audio}} {{path/to/output_audio}}

  • Reverse and save an audio file:

sox {{path/to/input_audio}} {{path/to/output_audio}} reverse

  • Print statistical data of an audio file:

sox {{path/to/input_audio}} -n stat

  • Increase the volume of an audio file by 2x:

sox -v 2.0 {{path/to/input_audio}} {{path/to/output_audio}}