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Command-line tool used to manipulate SQLite databases in a number of different ways. More information:

  • Create a database:

sqlite-utils create-database {{path/to/database.db}}

  • Create a table:

sqlite-utils create-table {{path/to/database.db}} {{table_name}} {{id integer name text height float photo blob --pk id}}

  • List tables:

sqlite-utils tables {{path/to/database.db}}

  • Upsert a record:

{{echo '[ {"id": 1, "name": "Linus Torvalds"}, {"id": 2, "name": "Steve Wozniak"}, {"id": 3, "name": "Tony Hoare"} ]'}} | sqlite-utils upsert {{path/to/database.db}} {{table_name}} - {{--pk id}}

  • Select records:

sqlite-utils rows {{path/to/database.db}} {{table_name}}

  • Delete a record:

sqlite-utils query {{path/to/database.db}} "{{delete from table_name where name = 'Tony Hoare'}}"

  • Drop a table:

sqlite-utils drop-table {{path/to/database.db}} {{table_name}}

  • Display help:

sqlite-utils -h