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The minimal, blazing-fast, and infinitely customizable prompt for any shell. Some subcommands such as starship init have their own usage documentation. More information:

  • Print the starship integration code for the specified shell:

starship init {{bash|elvish|fish|ion|powershell|tcsh|zsh}}

  • Explain each part of the current prompt and show the time taken to render them:

starship explain

  • Print the computed starship configuration (use --default to print default configuration instead):

starship print-config

  • List supported modules:

starship module --list

  • Edit the starship configuration in the default editor:

starship configure

  • Create a bug report GitHub issue pre-populated with information about the system and starship configuration:

starship bug-report

  • Print the completion script for the specified shell:

starship completions {{bash|elvish|fish|powershell|zsh}}

  • Display help for a subcommand:

starship {{subcommand}} --help