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svn changelist

Associate a changelist with a set of files. More information:

  • Add files to a changelist, creating the changelist if it does not exist:

svn changelist {{changelist_name}} {{path/to/file1}} {{path/to/file2}}

  • Remove files from a changelist:

svn changelist --remove {{path/to/file1}} {{path/to/file2}}

  • Remove the whole changelist at once:

svn changelist --remove --recursive --changelist {{changelist_name}} .

  • Add the contents of a space-separated list of directories to a changelist:

svn changelist --recursive {{changelist_name}} {{path/to/directory1 path/to/directory2 ...}}

  • Commit a changelist:

svn commit --changelist {{changelist_name}}