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Execute SQL against structured text like CSV or TSV files. More information:

  • Print the lines in the specified CSV file that match an SQL query to stdout:

textql -sql "{{SELECT * FROM filename}}" {{path/to/filename.csv}}

  • Query a TSV file:

textql -dlm=tab -sql "{{SELECT * FROM filename}}" {{path/to/filename.tsv}}

  • Query file with header row:

textql -dlm={{delimiter}} -header -sql "{{SELECT * FROM filename}}" {{path/to/filename.csv}}

  • Read data from stdin:

cat {{path/to/file}} | textql -sql "{{SELECT * FROM stdin}}"

  • Join two files on a specified common column:

textql -header -sql "SELECT * FROM {{path/to/file1}} JOIN {{file2}} ON {{path/to/file1}}.{{c1}} = {{file2}}.{{c1}} LIMIT {{10}}" -output-header {{path/to/file1.csv}} {{path/to/file2.csv}}

  • Format output using an output delimiter with an output header line:

textql -output-dlm={{delimiter}} -output-header -sql "SELECT {{column}} AS {{alias}} FROM {{filename}}" {{path/to/filename.csv}}