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Talk to an AI chatbot without the need for API keys. Available providers: openai, opengpts, koboldai, phind, llama2, blackboxai. More information:

  • Chat with the default provider (GPT-3.5-turbo):

tgpt "{{prompt}}"

  • Start [m]ulti-line interactive mode:

tgpt --multiline

  • Generate [i]mages and save them to the current directory:

tgpt --image "{{prompt}}"

  • Generate [c]ode with the default provider (GPT-3.5-turbo):

tgpt --code "{{prompt}}"

  • Chat with a specific provider [q]uietly (without animations):

tgpt --provider {{openai|opengpts|koboldai|phind|llama2|blackboxai}} --quiet --whole "{{prompt}}"

  • Generate and execute [s]hell commands using a specific provider (with a confirmation prompt):

tgpt --provider {{llama2}} --shell "{{prompt}}"

  • Prompt with an API key, model, max response length, temperature, and top_p (required when using openai provider):

tgpt --provider openai --key "{{api_key}}" --model "{{gpt-3.5-turbo}}" --max-length {{10}} --temperature {{0.7}} --top_p {{0.9}} "{{prompt}}"

  • Feed a file as additional pre-prompt input:

tgpt --provider {{blackboxai}} "{{prompt}}" < {{path/to/file}}