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A to-do list application that uses the todo.txt format. More information:

  • Add a to-do to a specific project with a given context:

topydo add "{{todo_message}} +{{project_name}} @{{context_name}}"

  • Add a to-do with a due date of tomorrow with a priority of A:

topydo add "(A) {{todo _message}} due:{{1d}}"

  • Add a to-do with a due date of Friday:

topydo add "{{todo_message}} due:{{fri}}"

  • Add a non-strict repeating to-do (next due = now + rec):

topydo add "water flowers due:{{mon}} rec:{{1w}}"

  • Add a strict repeating to-do (next due = current due + rec):

topydo add "{{todo_message}} due:{{2020-01-01}} rec:{{+1m}}"

  • Revert the last topydo command executed:

topydo revert