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A lightweight, command-line BitTorrent client. This tool has been deprecated, please see transmission-remote. More information:

  • Download a specific torrent:

transmission-cli {{url|magnet|path/to/file}}

  • Download a torrent to a specific directory:

transmission-cli --download-dir {{path/to/download_directory}} {{url|magnet|path/to/file}}

  • Create a torrent file from a specific file or directory:

transmission-cli --new {{path/to/source_file_or_directory}}

  • Specify the download speed limit (in KB/s):

transmission-cli --downlimit {{50}} {{url|magnet|path/to/file}}

  • Specify the upload speed limit (in KB/s):

transmission-cli --uplimit {{50}} {{url|magnet|path/to/file}}

  • Use a specific port for connections:

transmission-cli --port {{port_number}} {{url|magnet|path/to/file}}

  • Force encryption for peer connections:

transmission-cli --encryption-required {{url|magnet|path/to/file}}

  • Use a Bluetack-formatted peer blocklist:

transmission-cli --blocklist {{blocklist_url|path/to/blocklist}} {{url|magnet|path/to/file}}