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Remote control utility for transmission-daemon and transmission. More information:

  • Add a torrent file or magnet link to Transmission and download to a specified directory:

transmission-remote {{hostname}} -a {{torrent|url}} -w {{/path/to/download_directory}}

  • Change the default download directory:

transmission-remote {{hostname}} -w {{/path/to/download_directory}}

  • List all torrents:

transmission-remote {{hostname}} --list

  • Start torrent 1 and 2, stop torrent 3:

transmission-remote {{hostname}} -t "{{1,2}}" --start -t {{3}} --stop

  • Remove torrent 1 and 2, and also delete local data for torrent 2:

transmission-remote {{hostname}} -t {{1}} --remove -t {{2}} --remove-and-delete

  • Stop all torrents:

transmission-remote {{hostname}} -t {{all}} --stop

  • Move torrents 1-10 and 15-20 to a new directory (which will be created if it does not exist):

transmission-remote {{hostname}} -t "{{1-10,15-20}}" --move {{/path/to/new_directory}}