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Show the contents of the current directory as a tree. Respects the .gitignore settings by default. More information:

  • Print directories only:

tre --directories

  • Print JSON containing files in the tree hierarchy instead of the normal tree diagram:

tre --json

  • Print files and directories up to the specified depth limit (where 1 means the current directory):

tre --limit {{depth}}

  • Print all hidden files and directories using the specified colorization mode:

tre --all --color {{automatic|always|never}}

  • Print files within the tree hierarchy, assigning a shell alias to each file that, when called, will open the associated file using the provided command (or in $EDITOR by default):

tre --editor {{command}}

  • Print files within the tree hierarchy, excluding all paths that match the provided regular expression:

tre --exclude {{regular_expression}}

  • Display version:

tre --version

  • Display help:

tre --help