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Find and verify credentials in files, Git repositories, S3 buckets, and Docker images. More information:

  • Scan a Git repository for verified secrets:

trufflehog git {{}} --only-verified

  • Scan a GitHub organization for verified secrets:

trufflehog github --org={{trufflesecurity}} --only-verified

  • Scan a GitHub repository for verified keys and get JSON output:

trufflehog git {{}} --only-verified --json

  • Scan a GitHub repository along with its Issues and Pull Requests:

trufflehog github --repo={{}} --issue-comments --pr-comments

  • Scan an S3 bucket for verified keys:

trufflehog s3 --bucket={{bucket name}} --only-verified

  • Scan S3 buckets using IAM Roles:

trufflehog s3 --role-arn={{iam-role-arn}}

  • Scan individual files or directories:

trufflehog filesystem {{path/to/file_or_directory1 path/to/file_or_directory2 ...}}

  • Scan a Docker image for verified secrets:

trufflehog docker --image {{trufflesecurity/secrets}} --only-verified