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High-performance build system for JavaScript and TypeScript codebases. See also: nx. More information:

  • Log in using the default web browser with a Vercel account:

turbo login

  • Link the current directory to a Vercel organization and enable remote caching:

turbo link

  • Build the current project:

turbo run build

  • Run a task without concurrency:

turbo run {{task_name}} --concurrency={{1}}

  • Run a task ignoring cached artifacts and forcibly re-execute all tasks:

turbo run {{task_name}} --force

  • Run a task in parallel across packages:

turbo run {{task_name}} --parallel --no-cache

  • Unlink the current directory from your Vercel organization and disable Remote Caching:

turbo unlink

  • Generate a Dot graph of a specific task execution (the output file format can be controlled with the filename):

turbo run {{task_name}} --graph={{path/to/file.html|jpg|json|pdf|png|svg}}