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Utility for publishing Python packages on PyPI. More information:

  • Upload to PyPI:

twine upload dist/*

  • Upload to the Test PyPI [r]epository to verify things look right:

twine upload -r testpypi dist/*

  • Upload to PyPI with a specified [u]sername and [p]assword:

twine upload -u {{username}} -p {{password}} dist/*

  • Upload to an alternative repository URL:

twine upload --repository-url {{repository_url}} dist/*

  • Check that your distribution's long description should render correctly on PyPI:

twine check dist/*

  • Upload using a specific pypirc configuration file:

twine upload --config-file {{configuration_file}} dist/*

  • Continue uploading files if one already exists (only valid when uploading to PyPI):

twine upload --skip-existing dist/*

  • Upload to PyPI showing detailed information:

twine upload --verbose dist/*