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C, C++, C#, D, Java and Pawn source code formatter. More information:

  • Format a single file:

uncrustify -f {{path/to/file.cpp}} -o {{path/to/output.cpp}}

  • Read filenames from stdin, and take backups before writing output back to the original filepaths:

find . -name "*.cpp" | uncrustify -F - --replace

  • Don't make backups (useful if files are under version control):

find . -name "*.cpp" | uncrustify -F - --no-backup

  • Use a custom configuration file and write the result to stdout:

uncrustify -c {{path/to/uncrustify.cfg}} -f {{path/to/file.cpp}}

  • Explicitly set a configuration variable's value:

uncrustify --set {{option}}={{value}}

  • Generate a new configuration file:

uncrustify --update-config -o {{path/to/new.cfg}}