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Universal CLI interface for SQL databases. More information:

  • Connect to a specific database:

usql {{sqlserver|mysql|postgres|sqlite3|...}}://{{username}}:{{password}}@{{host}}:{{port}}/{{database_name}}

  • Execute commands from a file:

usql --file={{path/to/query.sql}}

  • Execute a specific SQL command:

usql --command="{{sql_command}}"

  • List databases available on the server:

usql --list-databases

  • Run an SQL command in the usql prompt:

{{prompt}}=> {{command}}

  • Display the database schema:

{{prompt}}=> \d

  • Export query results to a specific file:

{{prompt}}=> \g {{/path/to/results.txt}}

  • Import data from a CSV file into a specific table:

{{prompt}}=> \copy {{/path/to/data.csv}} {{table_name}}