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Command-line interface to VirtualBox. Includes all the functionality of the GUI and more. More information:

  • List all VirtualBox virtual machines:

VBoxManage list vms

  • Show information about a particular virtual machine:

VBoxManage showvminfo {{name|uuid}}

  • Start a virtual machine:

VBoxManage startvm {{name|uuid}}

  • Start a virtual machine in headless mode:

VBoxManage startvm {{name|uuid}} -type headless

  • Shutdown the virtual machine and save its current state:

VBoxManage controlvm {{name|uuid}} savestate

  • Shutdown down the virtual machine without saving its state:

VBoxManage controlvm {{name|uuid}} poweroff

  • Update VBox extension packs:

VBoxManage extpack install --replace {{VboxExtensionPackFileName}}