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Play a wide variety of audio formats used in video games and convert them into wav. More information:

  • Decode an adc file to wav. (Default output name is input.wav):

vgmstream_cli {{path/to/input.adc}} -o {{path/to/output.wav}}

  • Print metadata without decoding the audio:

vgmstream_cli {{path/to/input.adc}} -m

  • Decode an audio file without loops:

vgmstream_cli {{path/to/input.adc}} -o {{path/to/output.wav}} -i

  • Decode with three loops, then add a 3s delay followed by a 5s fadeout:

vgmstream_cli {{path/to/input.adc}} -o {{path/to/output.wav}} -l {{3.0}} -f {{5.0}} -d {{3.0}}

  • Convert multiple files to bgm_(original name).wav (Default -o pattern is ?f.wav):

vgmstream_cli -o {{path/to/bgm_?f.wav}} {{path/to/file1.adc}} {{path/to/file2.adc}}

  • Play the file looping endlessly (channels and rate must match metadata):

vgmstream_cli {{path/to/input.adc}} -pec | aplay --format cd --channels {{1}} --rate {{44100}}