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Manage virsh guest domains. (Note: 'guest_id' can be the ID, name or UUID of the guest). Some subcommands such as virsh list have their own usage documentation. More information:

  • Connect to a hypervisor session:

virsh connect {{qemu:///system}}

  • List all domains:

virsh list --all

  • Dump guest configuration file:

virsh dumpxml {{guest_id}} > {{path/to/guest.xml}}

  • Create a guest from a configuration file:

virsh create {{path/to/config_file.xml}}

  • Edit a guest's configuration file (editor can be changed with $EDITOR):

virsh edit {{guest_id}}

  • Start/reboot/shutdown/suspend/resume a guest:

virsh {{command}} {{guest_id}}

  • Save the current state of a guest to a file:

virsh save {{guest_id}} {{filename}}

  • Delete a running guest:

virsh destroy {{guest_id}} && virsh undefine {{guest_id}}