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Fetch URLs of a domain from Wayback Machine, Common Crawl, Alien Vault OTX, URLScan, and VirusTotal. Note: Unless specified, output is dumped into the results/ directory where waymore's config.yml resides (by default in ~/.config/waymore/). More information:

  • Search for URLs of a domain (output will typically be in ~/.config/waymore/results/):

waymore -i {{}}

  • Limit search results to only include a list of URLs for a domain and store outputs to the specified file:

waymore -mode U -oU {{path/to/}} -i {{}}

  • Only output the content bodies of URLs and store outputs to the specified directory:

waymore -mode R -oR {{path/to/}} -i {{}}

  • Filter the results by specifying date ranges:

waymore -from {{YYYYMMDD|YYYYMM|YYYY}} -to {{YYYYMMDD|YYYYMM|YYYY}} -i {{}}