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Render HTML to PDF or PNG. More information:

  • Render an HTML file to PDF:

weasyprint {{path/to/input.html}} {{path/to/output.pdf}}

  • Render an HTML file to PNG, including an additional user stylesheet:

weasyprint {{path/to/input.html}} {{path/to/output.png}} --stylesheet {{path/to/stylesheet.css}}

  • Output additional debugging information when rendering:

weasyprint {{path/to/input.html}} {{path/to/output.pdf}} --verbose

  • Specify a custom resolution when outputting to PNG:

weasyprint {{path/to/input.html}} {{path/to/output.png}} --resolution {{300}}

  • Specify a base URL for relative URLs in the input HTML file:

weasyprint {{path/to/input.html}} {{path/to/output.png}} --base-url {{url_or_filename}}