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A patch application tool resolving conflicts in patches that patch cannot handle. Note: Wiggle forcefully applies all changes, merging when conflicts arise, and reporting unresolvable issues. More information:

  • Apply changes from the patch file to the original file:

wiggle {{path/to/my_patch.patch}}

  • Apply changes to the [o]utput file:

wiggle {{path/to/my_patch.patch}} -o {{path/to/output_file.txt}}

  • Take any changes in file.rej that could not have been applied and merge them into a file:

wiggle --replace {{path/to/file}} {{path/to/file.rej}}

  • E[x]tract one branch of a patch or merge file:

wiggle -x {{path/to/my_patch.patch}}

  • Apply a patch and save the compared words to the [o]utput file:

wiggle --words {{path/to/my_word_patch.patch}} -o {{path/to/word_patched_code.c}}

  • Display help about the merge function:

wiggle --merge --help