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An open-source command-line tool to convert HTML documents or web pages into PDF files. More information:

  • Convert a HTML document into PDF:

wkhtmltopdf {{input.html}} {{output.pdf}}

  • Specify the PDF page size (please see PaperSize of QPrinter for supported sizes):

wkhtmltopdf --page-size {{A4}} {{input.html}} {{output.pdf}}

  • Set the PDF page margins:

wkhtmltopdf --margin-{{top|bottom|left|right}} {{10mm}} {{input.html}} {{output.pdf}}

  • Set the PDF page orientation:

wkhtmltopdf --orientation {{Landscape|Portrait}} {{input.html}} {{output.pdf}}

  • Generate a greyscale version of the PDF document:

wkhtmltopdf --grayscale {{input.html}} {{output.pdf}}