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Execute a command once for each line piped from another command or file. More information:

  • Run a command once for each line of input data as arguments:

{{arguments_source}} | xe {{command}}

  • Execute the commands, replacing any occurrence of the placeholder (marked as {}) with the input line:

{{arguments_source}} | xe {{command}} {} {{optional_extra_arguments}}

  • Execute a shellscript, joining every N lines into a single call:

echo -e 'a\nb' | xe -N{{2}} -s 'echo $2 $1'

  • Delete all files with a .backup extension:

find . -name {{'*.backup'}} | xe rm -v

  • Run up to max-jobs processes in parallel; the default is 1. If max-jobs is 0, xe will run as many processes as cpu cores:

{{arguments_source}} | xe -j {{max-jobs}} {{command}}