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xml edit

Edit an XML document. More information:

  • Delete elements matching an XPATH from an XML document:

xml edit --delete "{{XPATH1}}" {{path/to/input.xml|URI}}

  • Move an element node of an XML document from XPATH1 to XPATH2:

xml edit --move "{{XPATH1}}" "{{XPATH2}}" {{path/to/input.xml|URI}}

  • Rename all attributes named "id" to "ID":

xml edit --rename "{{//*/@id}}" -v "{{ID}}" {{path/to/input.xml|URI}}

  • Rename sub-elements of the element "table" that are named "rec" to "record":

xml edit --rename "{{/xml/table/rec}}" -v "{{record}}" {{path/to/input.xml|URI}}

  • Update the XML table record with "id=3" to the value "id=5":

xml edit --update "{{xml/table/rec[@id=3]/@id}}" -v {{5}} {{path/to/input.xml|URI}}

  • Display help:

xml edit --help