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xml select

Select from XML documents using XPATHs. Tip: use xml elements to display the XPATHs of an XML document. More information:

  • Select all elements matching "XPATH1" and print the value of their sub-element "XPATH2":

xml select --template --match "{{XPATH1}}" --value-of "{{XPATH2}}" {{path/to/input.xml|URI}}

  • Match "XPATH1" and print the value of "XPATH2" as text with new-lines:

xml select --text --template --match "{{XPATH1}}" --value-of "{{XPATH2}}" --nl {{path/to/input.xml|URI}}

  • Count the elements of "XPATH1":

xml select --template --value-of "count({{XPATH1}})" {{path/to/input.xml|URI}}

  • Count all nodes in one or more XML documents:

xml select --text --template --inp-name --output " " --value-of "count(node())" --nl {{path/to/input1.xml|URI}} {{path/to/input2.xml|URI}}

  • Display help:

xml select --help