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Bring your shell with all of your customizations through SSH sessions. Note: xxh does not install anything into system directories on the target machine; removing ~/.xxh will clear all traces of xxh on the target machine. More information:

  • Connect to a host and run the current shell:

xxh "{{host}}"

  • Install the current shell into the target machine without prompting:

xxh "{{host}}" ++install

  • Run the specified shell on the target machine:

xxh "{{host}}" ++shell {{xonsh|zsh|fish|bash|osquery}}

  • Use a specific xxh configuration directory on the target machine:

xxh "{{host}}" ++host-xxh-home {{~/.xxh}}

  • Use the specified configuration file on the host machine:

xxh "{{host}}" ++xxh-config {{~/.config/xxh/config.xxhc}}

  • Specify a password to use for the SSH connection:

xxh "{{host}}" ++password "{{password}}"

  • Install an xxh package on the target machine:

xxh "{{host}}" ++install-xxh-packages {{package}}

  • Set an environment variable for the shell process on the target machine:

xxh "{{host}}" ++env {{name}}={{value}}