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ykman oath

Manage the OATH YubiKey application. A keyword can be a part of the name or the issuer. More information:

  • Display general information about the OATH application:

ykman oath info

  • Change the password used to protect OATH accounts (add --clear to remove it):

ykman oath access change

  • Add a new account (--issuer is optional):

ykman oath accounts add --issuer {{issuer}} {{name}}

  • List all accounts (with their issuers):

ykman oath accounts list

  • List all accounts with their current TOTP/HOTP codes (optionally filtering the list with a keyword):

ykman oath accounts code {{keyword}}

  • Rename an account:

ykman oath accounts rename {{keyword}} {{issuer:name|name}}

  • Delete an account:

ykman oath accounts delete {{keyword}}

  • Delete all accounts and restore factory settings:

ykman oath reset