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A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes. Download videos from YouTube and other websites. More information:

  • Download a video or playlist (with the default options from command below):

yt-dlp "{{}}"

  • List the available downloadable formats for a video:

yt-dlp --list-formats "{{}}"

  • Download a video with a defined format, in this case the best mp4 video available (default is "bv*+ba/b"):

yt-dlp --format "{{bv*[ext=mp4]+ba[ext=m4a]/b[ext=mp4]}}" "{{}}"

  • Extract audio from a video (requires ffmpeg or ffprobe):

yt-dlp --extract-audio "{{}}"

  • Specify audio format and audio quality of extracted audio (between 0 (best) and 10 (worst), default = 5):

yt-dlp --extract-audio --audio-format {{mp3}} --audio-quality {{0}} "{{}}"

  • Download all playlists of YouTube channel/user keeping each playlist in separate directory:

yt-dlp -o "{{%(uploader)s/%(playlist)s/%(playlist_index)s - %(title)s.%(ext)s}}" "{{}}"

  • Download Udemy course keeping each chapter in separate directory under MyVideos directory in your home:

yt-dlp -u {{user}} -p {{password}} -P "{{~/MyVideos}}" -o "{{%(playlist)s/%(chapter_number)s - %(chapter)s/%(title)s.%(ext)s}}" "{{}}"

  • Download entire series season keeping each series and each season in separate directory under C:/MyVideos:

yt-dlp -P "{{C:/MyVideos}}" -o "{{%(series)s/%(season_number)s - %(season)s/%(episode_number)s - %(episode)s.%(ext)s}}" "{{}}"