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Z SHell, a Bash-compatible command-line interpreter. See also: bash, histexpand. More information:

  • Start an interactive shell session:


  • Execute specific [c]ommands:

zsh -c "{{echo Hello world}}"

  • Execute a specific script:

zsh {{path/to/script.zsh}}

  • Check a specific script for syntax errors without executing it:

zsh --no-exec {{path/to/script.zsh}}

  • Execute specific commands from stdin:

{{echo Hello world}} | zsh

  • Execute a specific script, printing each command in the script before executing it:

zsh --xtrace {{path/to/script.zsh}}

  • Start an interactive shell session in verbose mode, printing each command before executing it:

zsh --verbose

  • Execute a specific command inside zsh with disabled glob patterns:

noglob {{command}}