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Alternative getty: Open a tty port, prompt for a login name, and invoke the /bin/login command. It is normally invoked by init. Note: the baud rate is the speed of data transfer between a terminal and a device over a serial connection. More information:

  • Connect stdin to a port (relative to /dev) and optionally specify a baud rate (defaults to 9600):

agetty {{tty}} {{115200}}

  • Assume stdin is already connected to a tty and set a [t]imeout for the login:

agetty {{-t|--timeout}} {{timeout_in_seconds}} -

  • Assume the tty is [8]-bit, overriding the TERM environment variable set by init:

agetty -8 - {{term_var}}

  • Skip the login ([n]o login) and invoke, as root, another [l]ogin program instead of /bin/login:

agetty {{-n|--skip-login}} {{-l|--login-program}} {{login_program}} {{tty}}

  • Do not display the pre-login ([i]ssue) file (/etc/issue by default) before writing the login prompt:

agetty {{-i|--noissue}} -

  • Change the [r]oot directory and write a specific fake [H]ost into the utmp file:

agetty {{-r|--chroot}} {{/path/to/root_directory}} {{-H|--host}} {{fake_host}} -